Denis Krasulin

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Career objective

— Full stack development
— Information architecture, UX/UI design
— Ideation, problem solving

Ideas, UX, UI, development

Demo service — post images with captions to map

The goal of this demo is to practice rapid deployment of MVP from scratch and continuously enhance it along with mastering new technologies (added to the list below)

Git repository

Status: working MVP, responsive UI, test coverage 95%

Used technologies and approaches


Active time-tracking app for Mac OS X

Objective-C, SQLite

Force Underline

Chrome extension that enforces underline on all hyperlinks

Injected CSS

World Airports

~50 000 airports on world map (8 MB)

JS, Google Maps

Milk Queue

Universal iOS milk shooter

C#, Unity 3D

Currently not available for download

Halloween Clock

Shows current time

Handcrafted pumpkin (making of)

Online store with Axure RP? — Elefunfunt

Playing with rapid prototyping and hardcore UI in Axure

Pure Axure with a little manual corrections. Working social sharing tools. Integration with Threadless. Own t-shirt design

Store is real, so don't hesitate to buy what you like. With shipping


Taxi dispatch SaaS

Web interface and driver’s terminal (Android)


More than 140 screens

Drivers’ Android terminal

Husky taxi

Social network app for ordering taxi



Consumer goods

Ice tray «Samoletikus», t-shirt «I Was Here», packing tape «Sealed», packing tape «Border»


This page

Handcrafted responsive promotional list of work done

InDesign, CSS with pseudo-classes and media queries, web-fonts and Font Awesome icons

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